About @MediaBarCamp

Who can apply?

If you are an ACTIVIST from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia or other country from the Eastern Europe you are welcome to join MediaBarCamp community.

Who is an activist?

An activist is an active citizen from the mentioned region country who is willing to make an impact on his/her community or country. The activist could also be a member of an NGO, civil society organisation, political movement/party and sharing democratic values, caring for his/her community and country.

We invite ALL activists from different spheres – culture and arts, politics and human rights, economics and development, media and communication and all other active citizens willing to make change in their local communities, society or counties to fill in the application for INSPIRED BY non-conference MediaBarCamp in Lithuania.

I have not implemented any project yet – am I an activist? Can I apply for INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp?

If you are willing to do something but still have no idea where to start, NO WORRIES. Every activist once were in the same situation as you are right now. The important question is whether you are willing to be an activist, to act for the impact in your local community, country etc. Express your thoughts and ideas of what could be done, which areas could be tackled by YOUR activism and how YOU could contribute to that in motivation section of application form.

What is MediaBarCamp?

This year the @MediaBarCamp will be implemented for the 10th time.

@MediaBarCamp is a space where activists from different spheres gather to share their experience (achievements, tools and approaches that helped them) implementing projects or initiatives. Here activists network and have an opportunity to work together. They INSPIRE one another to come back to local communities with some new ideas or even joint projects to make an impact and proceed with their activism. Participants are creating the most parts of 4 days event at various spaces and several venues by sharing their activism experience, various projects and points of views, sparkling discussions and other initiatives. We believe that everything starts from the person and organisations consisting of people, personalities and TRUE activists. Therefore, we aim to provide a space for personal individual experience sharing focusing more on personal experience learning. @MediaBarCamp is a space where individuals share their experience on activism despite their membership or relation to the organizations/projects/initiatives. We kindly ask activists to share their experience of project/initiative implementation with personal focus. In case there are couple of members of organization/project, we kindly ask to share experience in different ways, focus on different angles – give a personal touch to the experience sharing since each application will be assessed individually.

What is the topic of MediaBarCamp 2017 and what does it mean?

INSPIRED BY is the topic of this year.

INSPIRED BELARUS/INSPIRED BY you. The activism is an inspiring stuff. Usually the activists are inspiring people too – doing such important things, thinking on the ideas that uplift and motivate. We believe that all the activist – active citizens, members of democratic organizations are extremely INSPIRING people and they inspire one another, INSPIRE us, the organizers. It is interesting to get to know how and where activist look for the INSPIRATION of their activism – whether it is another activist, cause, meeting, event, book, music, idea, goal or any other thing. All the projects implemented or to be implemented by activists are INSPIRING their local communities, broader society and their country. By acting locally, activists are making a huge impact on whole country and even the region or the world.

What is the format of the INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp – what am I supposed to do there?

Each and every participant of MediaBarCamp is contributing to the content of the event by sharing his/her experience in chosen format. Participants are more than welcome to sparkle the discussions, share their experience through engaging practical workshops, organising the simulations, screening, performances and use all other possible formats for the best revelation of their experience. All and every participant of MediaBarCamp is encouraged to share their experience in a way that could engage other participants and INSPIRE them.

How should I share my activism experience at INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp?

Tips for your experience sharing session: while preparing your activity/project/initiative at MediaBarCamp try to focus more on answering the question what could be really interesting for other participants to hear, experience, learn? Try to think how to engage the participants into your session. Try to avoid statistical information and better focus on the impact you are doing, goals you are struggling to achieve. Think on the strategies or tactics you are using to tackle your goals. Think on your mistakes/challenges someone could learn from – that could definitely be very useful for other activist. Last but not least, think whether you yourself would be INSPIRED by this experience sharing session? Only being open and honest we could support and help the other activists build the strong community of MediaBarCamp – people who care and want to make impact.

What if there are two of us representing the same project/initiative?

We kindly ask every applicant filling in the application form to think and create a separate form of his/her activism. If you have a big project and you are ready to send two persons, please think of different ways of engagement and presentation. MediaBarCamp aims to create a space for activism shared through personal insights. We are asking activist to share their experience from their personal perspective – their thoughts, challenges, observations, etc. even if those individuals are representing organisations, big projects or initiatives.

When and where is the 10th MediaBarCamp INSPIRED BY happening?

11-14 May, 2017, Lithuania. Full 4 days participation (2 days MediaBarCamp and 2 days for arrival/departure) is required. There is always a surprise where the MediaBarCamp will take place – the only clear thing is Lithuania. MediaBarCamp has been held in Nida, Dubingiai, Šventoji, Giruliai, Trakai. Place for this year INSPIRED BY will be revealed on 11th of May.

What about expenses?

Travel (visa expenses and budget/ecological transportation) and accommodation/catering expenses for the eligible and selected candidates on event days are covered by the organizers. The event will take place outside Vilnius. The transfer will be arranged at once for all participants.

What is the focus of INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp?

This year we would like to draw a significant attention and encourage activists applying from the following areas:

  • Political activist – working with democratic political topics, policies and spheres affecting political agenda questions and discussions;
  • Gender equality and disadvantage groups – activism related to these topics and groups;
  • Activists working and implementing projects/innitiatives in regions.

What’s new in INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp this year?

The main focus on regions and activists operating in local communities is our priority this year. Applicants will get an extra point in selection process if they fit this requirement.

You can choose the format to INSPIRE other activist. All participants will have an opportunity to share their experience using the format that could best reveal their activism. We strongly encourage thinking of the format that could be most engaging for the other participants. Please always think whether the format to present your activism could be engaging and INPIRING for you if you were one of the participants of the experience sharing session.

Read more tips about the Experience sharing session in section: How should I share my activism experience at INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp?

How will I know whether I am selected to participate at INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp 2017?

All the applicants will receive a letter of confirmation after selection procedure. You will be informed with YES, NO or in the WAITING LIST letters. Unfortunately, due to limits of resources, we cannot create a possibility to all the applicants to take part in MediaBarCamp. If your name will be placed on the Waiting List, you will be contacted as soon as the Waiting List has moved up.

You will receive the confirmation letter not later than middle of April.

What is MediaBarCamp Alumni?

MediaBarCamp Alumni – all participants of previous MediaBarCamp events since 2008 – forming a community of active, INSPIRING people working hard and being innovative to make an impact for their local communities and society. MediaBarCamp Alumni are the change makers who care about the world they live in.

Everyone can become a MediaBarCamp Alumni. The only condition is to participate in MediaBarCamp. Join us by filling in the application form.

The language at INSPIRED BY@MediaBarCamp?

MediaBarCamp is an international event and we would like all our participants to feel welcome. Therefore, the official languages are English and Russian. Despite the official languages, Belarusian language is one of the most spoken during the informal talks and discussions. MediaBarCamp always welcomes to use the language, which is understood by all participants of any MediaBarCamp session (workshops or discussions could be in any language if all the participants are OK with that).

IMPORTANT. MediaBarCamp uses and regards language as a main communication tool avoiding any connections to political, economic or other contexts.

Who are the organizers of INSPIRED BY@MediaBarCamp?

MediaBarCamp Alumni, Swedish International Liberal Centre, Olof Palme International Center, Green Forum, Centre Party International Foundation.

Project partner: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.

What are the selection criteria?

The following selection criteria are to be used in the process of selection of prospective participants for INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp 2017: