30/04/2013 /

We want you for Help Team!

We need your help! We need your hands, your time and your attention. In fact, we have already mentioned that the MediaBarCamp is organized by all the participants. Everything related to the program depends on the participants themselves. But we also need the additional people to deal with current issues at the MediaBarCamp.
19/04/2013 /

CryptoParty on MediaBarCamp

The pirates will participate in MediaBarCamp and organize a cryptoparty. MediaBarCamp is interested in many themes provided by pirates.by but one theme that will be of main importance this year is “digital rights”. Privacy is the basis of “digital” rights. Privacy can be required in correspondences, storages of data/information and actions that are carried out […]
17/04/2013 /

Documents submission in Minsk

Good news, everyone! Documents submission time for the Belarusian participants is May 2, 2013. We have only one opportunity to submit the documents, so try planning your activities ahead.
15/04/2013 /

The die is cast, the letters are sent

April 7 was that day when we’ve completed the acceptance of requests from those who need a visa to cross the Lithuanian borders. We’re glad to see your high interest in MediaBarCamp 2013. For a month we’ve accepted over 130 requests from activists and barcampers from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and a lot of other countries. […]
01/04/2013 /

The 1st of April. We’re serious

It has become a tradition to make a serious post on the 1st of April about an upcoming MediaBarCamp. Considering all of yours “last moment” and even “after the last moment” participation requests, we can confidently say that the spring is coming, even if it is hard to believe now.