29/05/2009 /

What Stuff to Take?

Apart from good mood and your personal presentation some more indispensable things should be taken. In the campsite of the MediaBarCamp holding place one will find wireless internet connection, Wi-Fi. In order to use it for free, you’ll need a cordless device or gadget. That is why your notebook will be very useful. What is […]
24/05/2009 /

On the Road Again

So, MediaBarCampers’ logistics. Heartiest congratulations to those MediaBarCamp participants who managed to submit docs for visa! While the documents are in the Lithuanian Embassies in Minsk and Kyiv, let us plan our way and tickets, shall we? Disregarding the mean of transport you’ve chosen, you must be in Vilnius by 12 a.m. June 5, 2009. […]
20/05/2009 /

High Time to Make Ready for Presentations

MediaBarCamp 2009 is being prepared for intensively. Registered applicants from Belarus and Ukraine have already submitted documents for Lithuanian visa obtainment. Preliminary subject of speech, stated by every participant during the application process, formed the list of presentations. Subjects will likely be changed and defined more accurately. Here is the tentative list, with language of […]
05/05/2009 /

The Die is Cast

Fortunately, nobody died. But the deadline for those applicants who needed Lithuanian visa support closed May 1, 2009. To our astonishment, heightened interest for MediaBarCamp was expressed this year. More than 270 applications from Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian and other-country barcampers have been received during the month. Participants’ selection, based on filled-in applications, was not an […]
01/05/2009 /

Registration is Going on at Full Speed

We would like to remind you that more than 120 participants will take part in MediaBarCamp. Most people will come from Belarus, but representative delegations from Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and Lithuania are also expected. There are two deadlines for applications. One of them, May 1 2009, was established for those who needed visa support. By […]